Hearst Castle

The Hearst Castle San Simeon is a national historic landmark and California historical landmark located at the central coast of California. The castle was a point concept of William Randolph, the publishing typhoon and his architect Julia Morgan. It was built between 1919 and 1947. His father himself had bought the original 40,000 acre estate in 1865 and camp hill the site for the future Heart Castle was used for family campaign holidays during Hearst youth, following his mother’s death in 1919, Hearst inherited some $11,000,000 and estate including the land of San Simeon. Hearst used his furniture to further develop his media empire of newspaper, magazines and radio stations, the profit which supported a life time of building and collecting. Within a few months of his mother death, Hearst commission Julia Morgan to build something a little comfortable on the hill the genesis of the Hearst Castle. Morgan was an architectural pioneer, American first independent female architect she was the first women to study architecture at the school of the beaches-art in Paris, First to have her own architectural practice in California and the first Female to win the American institute of architectural gold medal working in close collaboration with Hearst for over twenty year.

Things to do

  • Grand Rooms Tours: Best for first time visitors, this overview of Hearst Castle offers an itinerary through the main building called casa grande the addable room, refectory, morning room, billiard room and theater. Tours begin outdoors with several stairs to negotiate on the tracks (60 minutes guided tour).
  • Upstairs Suites Tour: Climb the spiral stairs (322 steps) through the upper levels of casa grande to admire Mr.Hearst’s own gothic suite, the rehanging celestial suite in the bell tour’s level, the main library with 150 ancient Greek Vases, the della Robbia and a clever duplexes Suite (60 minutes guided tour).
  • Cottage & Kitchen Tours: This tow features two of the lucrative mansions that housed the Hearst Family and then before Casa Grande was ready, offering magnificent pacific coast and mountain views these ornately gilded cottage are thousands of square feet in size. The famous wine cellar and gigantic kitchen in Casa Grande are included in this tour (60 minutes guided tour).
  • Designing the Dream Tour: For anyone who is passionate about architecture and interior design, the 75 minute tour offers a comprehensive itinerary to explore how Hears’ts astounding idea was realized collaborating with Julia Morgan (1872-1957) the first woman to hold an architect women in California. Hearst created an environment that is unique in America. Design and construction of the enchanted thrill took more than three decades and the state was never really finished. The tour features Casa Del Sol ( the most elaborate of the guess cottages) the dressing reasons behind the Roman pool and the more modern art deco esthetic of the north wing of Casa Grade which was built and furnished in the 1930s (75 minutes guided tour).
  • Art of Sam Simeon Tour: Hearst Castle is the only art museum operated by the California state parks and is all created by the American Alliance of museums. In conceiving his san simeon estate, William Randolph Hearst and Julia Morgan created a unique work place where old and new works of arts are to amuse and educate Hearst’s guests. More than 90% of the objects in Hearst Castle were purchased specifically for the estate. On this two hours semi-private tour your guide will focus on Hearst and how he acquired his paintings, tapestries , antiquities and other fascinating works of art in groups limited to eighth participants you will visit some rooms that are featured in the four standard day time tours and continue to rooms in the castle that have never been included (2 hours guided tours).
  • Hearst & Hollywood Tour: From the Hollywood’s Golden age to the new era of international rock stars and computers generated imagery, Hearst Castle and its charismatic creator have exported an irresistible magnetism. In his hey day San Simon was the destination of home for Hollywoods elite William Randolpth Hearst and his companion actress Marion Davies extended coveted invitations to the time honored great of the movie industry, Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant, Grela Garbo, Irving Thalberf, Bettle Davis, Clark Gable and many others. On this semi-private tour you will enjoy two hours of the Castle with a knowledgeable guide who focuses on Hearst and all things Hollywood, any area that is shown on any of the four regular daytime tours can be visited at the group request come to experience the enhanced hill that inspired the gossip columnist Hedda Hopper to say “A visit to the Hearst Rancho was a ticket to never never land, never has there been such a place never will see else like again”. (2 hour guided tours).
  • Evening Tour: Offered seasonally this special tour enables you to experience the Castle illuminated at night and its longer that daytime tours (100 Minutes). Decent in period dress bring 1930’s history to the as they move silently through the sumptuous rooms of casa grande. A newsreel in Hearst’s private theater rounds out evening. Evening tours are available on most Friday and Saturday Nights from March 1st through May 18th with additional dates in med-week in April. (100 minutes guided tour).
  • Holiday Twilight Tour: Why the holiday season was an exceptionally festive time for Mr.Hearst and his guests, share in the splendor as you wind your way through the grounds, Casa del sol guest house and the grand social rooms of Casa Grade. This special seasonal tour show cases abundant holiday decoration with numerous Christmas trees including two towering trees, view Mr.Hearst’s celebrated are collection in the warm gloves of thousands of holiday lights, your knowledgeable guide will share stories of holiday festivals during the estate hey day. (75 minutes guided tour).
  • Accessibly Designed Grand Rooms Tour: The four is wheelchair accessible and is also designed for visitors who have difficulty climbing up and down stairs or who could not stand or walk for length of time. The accessibly designed Grand Rooms tour visits the Estate most opulent social gathering rooms to reveal what it was like to be a guest at the enhanced hall – known today as the Hearst Castle. (60 minutes guided tour)
  • Accessibly Designed Evening Tours: The tour is wheelchair and designed for visitors who have deficiency climbing up and down the stairs or who can not stand and work for lengths of time. The tour takes guests back in time as livening history docents in 1930′ clothing appear along the town route adding life once again to the magnificent surroundings seen on tour. This tours are available mostly from Friday and Saturday nights from March 1st through mMay 18th with additional dates mid-week in April. (100 minutes guided tour).
  • Accessibility Designed Holiday Twilight Tour: Tour is wheelchair accessible for visitors who have differently climbing stairs or who can not stand or walk for an extended periods, accessible transportation is provided for all areas of the holiday twilight tour. (75 minutes guided tour).


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