What is your refund policy?2019-03-12T06:58:22-07:00

Your deposit is refundable up to 30 days prior to your departure date. Any cancellation within 30 days prior to travel date will forfeit deposit. Any cancellation within 15 days of travel will be assessed a fee of 50% of the cost of the trip. Any cancellation within 7 days prior to departure will forfeit the full amount paid.

When is final payment due?2019-03-12T06:58:04-07:00

Final payment is due 20 days prior to departure. Any Reservation booked within 30 days of travel requires full payment at the time of booking.

What is the required deposit for bus charters?2019-03-12T06:57:43-07:00

Deposit will vary for most charters, depending on the dollar amount of your order. As a general rule 25 percent will be due at the time you place your reservation and the balance due 20 days prior to the actual service being provided.

If I don’t need the service for the whole day do I need to pay for it all day?2019-03-12T06:57:25-07:00

We have a 5 hour minimum on our buses; however, we also offer a transfer rate if you have a one way short trip.

Do I need to pay for parking and tolls?2019-03-12T06:57:06-07:00

Road tolls, bridge tolls and parking are not included in your cost.

How can I pay for charter bus rental?2019-03-12T06:56:47-07:00

California Airbus accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Money Order, Company or Organization Check. A 3.5% processing fee will be added to all credit card charges.

How far in advance should I reserve my charter bus?2019-03-12T06:56:28-07:00

Advance notice is always appreciated and increases the odds that buses will be available. California Airbus will always do our very best to accommodate your needs.

What is the booking process?2019-03-12T06:56:10-07:00

Once you have submitted a quote online, you will be contacted by one of our Reservationists. You will be required to sign a booking confirmation as well as making your initial deposit of 25%.

If we stay overnight with the bus do we have to pay for the driver’s room?2019-03-12T06:55:49-07:00

Yes, all overnight trips require you to pay for the driver’s room.

Can I bring a cooler on the bus?2019-03-12T06:55:29-07:00

Typically coolers are allowed on most buses; however, the coolers must be placed on a seat.

Is ALCOHOL consumption allowed?2019-05-09T13:59:25-07:00

Usually alcohol consumption is allows. A non refundable deposit of $150 will be used for the use of cleaning the bus. Any physical damage done to the interior of the bus will be constitute additional charges which will be billed to the customer.

Do you have SPAB buses?2019-03-12T06:52:30-07:00

Yes, we have SPAB buses. Please make this request to the reservationists.

How many hours a day can the bus drivers drive?2019-03-12T06:51:55-07:00

Federal Law allows a driver to be on duty 15 hours each day. Drivers can only operate the bus a maximum of 10 hours. After the 15 hours is up, your driver will need to be off for 8 hours with travel time in-between. If you have a long itinerary and wish to travel more than 500 miles a day, two drivers may be required. Please talk to your sales assistant regarding this arrangement.